How my relationship with my mom changed over the years.

I know it's after ages I got down to write a blog, but better late than never. Remember those times when mom used to be our biggest enemy? That's the time when my alarm sounded something like this, "wake up!! When will you get ready for school? It's already 6.00 am" that to in winters … Continue reading How my relationship with my mom changed over the years.


What’s Up: Have you been here lately in this breath-taking place?

Check out this amazing post by Dwaipayan Basu… Follow him if you like his work.


A fabulous place to spend your leisure times in the heart of Southern Avenue and it is among one of my favorite places as I have been there several times. Not only the place is good, but the ambience equally speaks a lot, no complains about the food, its taste and its varieties are terrific!

Don’t judge the place by its entrance as it’s in a residential complex but once you reach the spot (that is the 6th floor) it’s entirely different, the stair-case decorated with funky vinyls and art-work and once you step inside, you will be amazed!

The price is okay, not too pricey I would say and the quantity is also nice and they suggest good dishes and drinks! Also, they have added new items in their menu which are mouth-watering indeed.

I found the continental varieties amazing, I personally liked and a must try for all:…

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